Fall 2004

Global Studies Bulletin

PeruWorker“Globalization & the Working Poor” by Linda Seligmann

Seligmann draws upon her research of Peruvian market women to illustrate how transnational commerce can reduce the economic opportunities of those who live on the margins of society.

“Secular Roots of Religious Terrorism” by Marc Gopin

Looking at today’s religious extremists, Gopin advances that they were first cultivated as the clientele of governments pursuing shortsighted geopolitical interests.

Hollywood“Why Hollywood Rules the World” by Tyler Cowen

Cowen explains why Hollywood is such a powerful force in global culture and argues it actually supports cinematic diversity.


“Cellular Telephony & Its Impact on Globalization on the African Continent” by Lindsey Poulin

Poulin provides an update on how cellular telephones are improving infrastructure and increasing investment opportunities in Africa.

IraqOldDinar“Microfinance in Iraq” by Sameeksha Desai

Desai examines the promising role of, and the unique challenges faced by, microfinance in Iraq’s reconstruction.

GlobalProtestPalestine“Global Anger” by Lindsay Irvine

Irvine introduces Susan Tolchin’s research for a forthcoming book on global anger.