Fall 2007

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 3, NO. 3

‘Health & Global Change’

citycrowd“Population Growth as a Driving Force of Global & Environmental Changes” by David W. Wong

Wong demonstrates the importance of studying population growth when examining global climate change.

biotechlab“The Globalization of Biotechnology” by M. Saleet Jafri

Jafri argues advances in biotechnology are critical to help developing nations meet their medical and agricultural needs.

syringe“Diffusion of Innovation & Change in Health Care Policy: Why We Just Can’t Seem to Learn!” by David Wilsford

Wilsford finds the state of US health care policy lamentable partly because policy makers have failed to reap the benefit from globalization.

africangohealth“Challenges in International Health for the New Millennium: NGOs & US Bilateral Assistance” by Curtiss Swezy

Swezy looks at global health care and the challenges facing NGOs engaged in international development work.

schoolgirlla“Nutrition Education as a Global Health Intervention: Effects Among Nicaraguan Adolescent Girls” by Lisa Pawloski

Using data collected from community intervention programs, Pawloski analyzes the beneficial effects of nutrition education programs in a shanty town in outskirts of Manila.

sars“Globalization & Public Health Research” by Kathryn H. Jacobsen

Infectious diseases, pandemics and other global health risks have become a growing concern, put forward by health professionals worldwide. Jacobsen underlines that epidemiologists promote knowledge sharing to strengthen global prevention networks. 

patientclinicuganda“The Interface Between HIV/AIDS Status, Household Nutrition, Agricultural Production & Household Welfare in Uganda” by Dawn C. Parker with Maction Komwa

The authors examine the socio-political and economic consequences of the AIDS pandemic in Central Africa.