Fall 2008

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 4, NO. 3

‘Globalization & Environmental Challenges’

chimneysmoke“Addressing Global Environmental Challenges” by Nicole Darnall

Darnall considers the benefits of providing information to consumers through environmental product labels.

The only patriotic solution

Sermons as a Climate Change Policy Tool: Do They Work? Evidence from the International Community” by Edward W. Maibach and Karen Akerlof

The authors review efforts in the UK, Canada, and Sweden to change citizens’ attitudes and behaviors through climate change communication campaigns.


“Encounters with the Local Perceptions of Global Climate Change in Northeastern Siberia” by Susan A. Crate

Crate describes her ethnographic work on native peoples’ adaptation to political and environmental changes in sub-arctic Siberia.


“Studying Past Environments to Understand Our Global Environmental Future” by Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach

Luzzadder-Beach discusses her research on environmental history and soil conservation in indigenous societies.


“Oil Crisis in the Global South: A View from Mexico’s Gulf Coast” by Lisa Breglia

Breglia documents the adverse effects of coastal oil drilling on local livelihoods and the environment in Campeche, Mexico.

untroopscongo“Blood Diamonds of the Digital Age: Coltan and the Eastern Congo” by Jeffrey W. Mantz

Mantz raises awareness of the “resource curse” as it plays out in Congo, where over the past decade several million Congolese have died in conflicts driven in large part by the fight for control of the country’s mineral resources.

boysruralmorocco1Security Building & Youth in Morocco” by Vanessa Noël Brown

Noël Brown reports the results of her study of the self-perceptions of Moroccan youth and assesses policy interventions that could promote self-esteem and reduce the appeal of radical Islam.