Spring 2005

Global Studies Bulletin

putinVladimir Putin: How Successful a Dictator? by Mark Katz

Katz argues that Russia’s leader is neither Pinochet, nor Stalin; rather a Brezhnev, presiding over a weak economy with vast oil reserves and a corrupt, inefficient bureaucracy.

womenplantingcommunity“Problems in Community-Based Conservation” by Peter Balint

In his case study of the Mahenye, Balint points to the many questions of theory and practice for community-based conservation and development.

papanewguineaCommunity and the Internet: Tobi Islanders in a Globalizing World by Peter Black

Looking at societal change, Black discusses the effects of modern technology in a Oceanic community.

biotechlab“Globalization of Research: Implications for U.S. Science” by William Blanpied

Blanpied believes that while information technologies are enhancing research opportunities for American scientists, it also expands the pool of talented researches for US firms abroad.

barbwire“When Homeland Security Goes International: The CIP Program’s Next Chapter” by Emily Frye

Frye describes efforts by US Homeland Security to create global network structures and programs to protect domestic infrastructure.

asiakidfood“The Spread of Obesity in Developing Countries” by Lisa Pawloski

Contrary to conventional research trends, Pawloski raises attention to malnutrition and obesity in threshold countries.