Spring 2006

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 2, NO. 1

‘Transitional Justice and Globalization’

justice“Transnational Justice: What to Do About the Torturers?” by Jo-Marie Burt

Burt lays out a framework for thinking about transitional justice and how the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission tried to balance the needs for truth and justice.

refugeecamp“Short Term Heaven, Long Term Limbo: Visiting a UNHCR Refugee Camp in Rwanda” by Carlos Sluzki

Sluzki argues that refugee camps need to be rethought as to allow the integration of long with short term needs while remaining faithful to UNHCR’s current mandate.

policeabuse“Rehabilitating Police Organizations After Intervention” by Frances Harbour

Looking beyond individual punishment after mass atrocities, Harbor underlines that successful institutional change requires the identification and disavowal of unacceptable policies and practices. 

gendersymbols“Just War Theory and Global Gender Justice” by Debra Bergoffen

Drawing on a UN report, Women, Peace and Security, Bergoffen stresses the importance of using resilient resources for the feminist pursuit of global gender justice.

uscapitol“Refugees in America: Moral Impulses and Public Policy” by David Haines

According to Haines, the history of the U.S. refugee resettlement program shows that binding diverse moral impulses can bring morality back into public policy discussions.

foreignaid“U.S. Foreign Assistance: Divergence and Convergence” by Rueben Brigety

Brigety critically looks as the strategic utility of humanitarian and developmental assistance, grappling with the question of how it can maintain its normative character while simultaneously serving US national interests?

torture“Tortured Times for America’s Global Standing” by B.G. David Irvine

Irvine focuses on the prisoner abuse stories in Iraq and discusses the corrosive effects of torture on American foreign policy and values.