Spring 2007

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 3, NO. 1

‘Africa, Conflicts & Globalization’

womenummbororotribe“Religious Identity, Democracy and the 2007 Nigerian Elections “ by John N. Paden

Paden argues that Nigeria is a critical case study in a clash of civilizations theory and may serve as a model for Muslim- Christian political accommodation and understanding. 

untroopscongoRevitalization of Conflict and Opportunities for Peace in the Horn of Africa” by Terrence Lyons

Lyons illustrates  how conflict systems and the linkages among different levels of conflict can regionalize or internationalize the struggle for power within a state. 

Peacekeeping - MONUCHome Grown Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in Africa’s Great Lakes Region” by Shyaka Anastase

Anastase critically looks at local instruments that increase participation of victims during peace building in conflict regions.

patientclinicugandaVisiting” the Past to Understand the STigma of AIDS” by Benedict Carton

Carton’s essay explores the intertwining of historical analysis and the contemporary culture of HIV/AIDS. 

africangohealthFinding Solid Ground: Civil Society Organizations in a Democratic South Africa” by Lehn M. Benjamin

In her  South African case study, Benjamin discusses the role of civil society in fostering democratic institutions and stability in transition countries. 

mohaupheko“Globalization at the Micro Level: Mason’s Africa Working Group” by Vandy Kanyako Jr.

In his portray of the African working group, Kanyako discloses how it is both a by-product of globalization as well as its willing agent.

Mission“Modeling Peace Building in Nigeria” by D.F. Davis

In his provocative article, Davis demonstrates how  modeling and simulation tools developed for combat operations can be used to conduct analysis of non-combat operations.