Spring 2008

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 4, NO. 1

‘India & Globalization’


“Understanding India’s Service Sector Growth in the Post-Liberalization Period” by Bhavani Arabandi

Arabandi turns the usual story of the impact of globalization on job loss in the West on its head, and investigates how globalization has restructured the Indian workplace.

tataindiaAdvertising The “New” India in Post-Liberalization India: Creating New Consumers With Advertising Images” by Nayantara Sheoran

Sheoran looks at how hybrid or “glocal” advertizing that appeals to both local sensibilities and global aspirations has created new consumers.

indiareligiousmovements“Making The Ideal Real: A South Asian Social Movement’s Construction of a Buddhist Cultural Identity” by Jeremy Rinker

Rinker’s analysis of a major social movement among the Dalit as it intersects with larger pan-Buddhist trends raises important issues about identity in a globalizing world.

foreignaid“Three-D Security: Defending America by Helping Others” by Reuben E. Brigety, II

Brigety reflects upon recent fieldwork to explain how Washington conceptualizes the interrelationships among defense, diplomacy, and development in its engagement with regions such as the Horn of Africa.


“Conflict Resolution Networks” by Susan Allen Nan

With rising salience of networks as one key attribute of globalization, Nan considers the strengths of both inclusive and exclusive networks in the field of conflict resolution.

barbwire“Property, Lawfare, and the Cyprus Impasse” by Rebecca Bryant

Global processes such as transnational justice are increasingly important in contentious politics, dubbed “lawfare” by the Cypriot communities studied by Bryant.