Spring 2010

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 6, NO. 1

Governing (In)Security in a Globalized World’

War, Journalism and Professional Ethics by Hugh Gusterson

Drawing on media sources on the US war in Afghanistan, Gusterson critically analyzes the deployment of social scientists by the US military in war zones to map the so called ‘human terrain.’

Long-term Care and Migrant Health Workers: Considering Responsibilities by Lisa Eckenwiler

Eckenwiler looks at migratory flows in a globalized health care industry that attracts health professionals from the South to cope with a growing demand in the North, but jeopardizes the health care system in threshold and developing countries.

Global Financial Crisis and Fragile States by Agnieszka Paczynska

The global recession has hit developing and unstable states particularly hard. While Paczynska underscores the international community’s recovery efforts, she urges for a reform of the global financial architecture to avoid future pitfalls.

Safe Haven in America? Thirty Years After the Refugee Act of 1980 by David Haines

Three decades ago, Congress passed a bill that remains  a crucial corner stone of how the US deals with refugees. In a retrospective Haines critically comments on the implementation of US refugee programs and discusses its relevance today.

Contesting Stereotypes: Muslim Women’s Responses to Globalized Fear Discourses by Dorthe Possing

Based on empirical research on Muslim women communities online, Possing describes how the Danish government fuels discourses of “globalized fear” and how the targeted groups find means to contest it.

Establishing the Taiwan Genetic Date Bank by Tony Yang

Yang looks at the prospects and challenges of creating a genetic data bank in Taiwan that will contribute to improved disease diagnosis and disease prevention of a population.