Spring 2011

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 7, NO. 1

‘Trauma, Health & Identities in Global Perspective’

You Are What You Drink? Tequila, Maguey, and Mexican Identity by Joan Bristol

Bristol recounts the story of the origins of distilling local liquor, including pulque and mescal, to discuss identity and socio-cultural politics in Mexico and its relevance today.


Measuring Access to Radio Health Communications in Rural Guatemala by Kathryn Jacobsen, Jill Nelson, and Karen Owen

A large part of rural Guatemalan communities have only limited health care access and  also rely on radio-transmitted  health services. A team of GMU scholars measures the radio coverage in these regions to draw lessons for improving on-air health service provisions.


Still Waiting by Jo-Marie Burt

Drawing on her recent research from the field, Burt describes the long struggle for justice by victim families who have been waiting to see the perpetrators of human rights violations stand trial.


To Be or Not to Be: Croatian Human Rights Activists’ Struggle to Account for Mass Atrocities by Arnaud Kurze

Despite over fifteen years of retributive justice efforts in the former Yugoslavia, achieving accountability for war crimes remains crucial to the region’s transition. Kurze narrates the history and recent struggles of human rights activists to account for and commemorate past mass atrocities.


Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t: Dilemmas of Internally Displaced Populations by Carlos Sluzki

In his article Sluzki describes and problematizes the different refugee camps in conflict zones, outlining the conditions for affected populations to safely return to their homes after violence ceases.