Summer 2005

Global Studies Bulletin


“India Globalizes: Some Impressions” by Rehana Ghadially

Drawing from her personal experience as a Fulbright scholar, Ghadially depicts the changing face of India.



“‘Globalizing the Local & Localizing the Global’: An Analysis of “Transformations in India” by Bhavani Arabandi

Looking at globalizing trends on the Indian subcontinent, Arabandi argues that these processes are not exclusively top-down, but Indians also “localize the global.”

serviceindustryindia“India’s Transformation: ICT & Economic Development” by Tojo Thatchenkery & Roger Stough

According to the authors, several indicators demonstrate that India may have a competitive advantage when it comes to integrating IT and economic development.

ballotbox“The Movement to “Export Democracy” & the Politics of Neoimperial Expansion” by Richard E. Rubenstein

Rubenstein underscores that genuine democracy requires transition countries to take on more responsibility and less handholding by neoimperial countries.

jumeirahmosque“Unsettling Possibilities” by Salah A. Khadr

Khadar explains how otherness felt towards the Muslim world is a result of the subjective image Western society projects of itself.


russia“Tolerant & Tumultuous Trades: Russian Market Diversity” by Bridget Butkevich

In her article, Butkevich examines the relationship between ethnic violence in Russian trade markets.

911twintowers“September 11 Digital Archive” by Lindsay Irvine

Irvine describes the efforts of integrating primary sources of the 9-11 tragedy in one publicly accessible online archive.