Spring 2009

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 5, NO. 1

Global, Sociopolitical, Economic, and Environmental Change in the 21st Century’

cityskylinenight“Paving the Way for Neoliberal Development: Urban Transformation and the Mega-Eventby Tony Samara

Samara points to the detrimental impact of urban transformation on society in metropolitan cities of developing countries, generated by mega event.

sars“Medical Tourism – Strategy for Containing Health Care Cost Increases and Immigration” by Erin Cox and Arun Sood

The authors discuss the paradoxical effects of US health tourism, stressing the growing imbalance in the health care system and illustrating opportunities for threshold countries.


“Are the Promises of Change Under Soft Governance Models Attainable? Insights from the European Union” by Mariely López-Santana

López-Santana illustrates the beneficial effects of soft law to generate regulation, compared to coercion and sanctions.



“EU Politics of Foreign Aid in the Balkans: Development, Integration and Reform in Perspective” by Arnaud Kurze

Kurze focuses on European foreign assistance in Southeast Europe, explaining how policy making is affected by institutional challenges and the enlargement question.



“Can Carbon Sequestration Help Solve the Climate Crisis? Lessons from Nuclear Waste Disposal” by Allison Macfarlane


Macfarlane discusses carbon capture and sequestration processes in order to fight climate change and global warming.



oiltanker“Oil and National Security” by Phillip Auerswald


Auerswald turns to questions of geopolitical energy security in the Middle East. Contrary to conventional opinion on oil dependence, he claims that regional politics have little impact on global oil markets.