Summer 2009

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 5, NO. 2

Globalization, the Arts & Society’

booksThe Globalization of Augie March by Alan Cheuse

Looking at the contemporary landscape of US literature, Cheuse explains the dynamic processes between local and global impacts on writing.


GreekTempleFound in Translation by Richard Davis

Despite pitfalls when translating foreign classic literature, Davis argues that translations open up a passageway into the heart, mind, and soul of other cultures.

keynotesGlobal Influence Versus Local Inspiration in Classical Music: An Instance from the Turn of the Twentieth Century by Tom Owens

In his article Owens describes the shift from 19th-century euro-centric musical influence on US classical music to the rising global impact of US-American composers.

MuslimRapHip-Hop and Urban Islam in Europe by Peter Manadaville 

Using urban culture as a starting point, Mandaville illustrates the rise of Muslim hip hop as a new hybrid form of expression and social outlet of Muslim youth.



Atrocity in Context by Solon Simmons

Simmons addresses unorthodox journalistic reporting of the Middle East conflict, shedding light on unconventional, yet consequential issues in non-Western media.