Summer 2010

ISSN 1558-9855

VOL. 6, NO. 2

‘Globalization, Knowledge & Latin America’

The Phenomenology of Human Rights at 35,000 feet … by Mark Goodale

In this excerpt taken from his book Surrendering to Utopia: An Anthropology of Human Rights, Goodale describes his encounter with Congolese refugees on a commercial flight and explains how these experiences help materialize human rights concepts.

Migration and the Challenges of Global Belonging by Debra Lattanzi Shutika

Based on extensive fieldwork with migrant labor population from Latin America in the US, Shutika examines and discuses issues of identity formation processes in local communities.

The Nutrition Transition: Evidence from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Chile by Lisa R. Pawloski, Jean B. Moore, Nigel Waters and Xinia Fernandez Rojas

In their cross-regional study on the impact of nutritional transition on adolescent girls, Pawloski et al find that child overweight and obesity are not specific to high-income countries of the region.

Economic Planning in Socialism and Capitalism by Johanna Bockman

Drawing on archived correspondence between US and Soviet economists, Bockman highlights the development of intellectual exchanges between scholars during the early years of the Cold War.

Governing the Global Knowledge Economy: Mind the Gap! by David M. Hart

Globalization and technical revolutions have changed the face of the economy. In his article Hart addresses the risks of the rising global knowledge economy and suggests ideas for establishing a governance model.